Corporate Retreats

Will this corporate retreat be different?

Will this be the retreat that confronts challenges, sparks honest and productive dialogue, and changes how you do business?

A corporate retreat draws on a precious resource — the time of your participants, away from work and home.  Create an event that’s worthy of that investment.

Good Question Consulting can create completely original, scenario-based role-playing exercises crafted exclusively for your organization based on intensive research of your issues and needs — both what is identified up front and what is often left unsaid.  A carefully prepared and assisted moderator (from within your organization or suggested by GQC) leads  participants through the scenarios, resulting in compelling and productive dialogue with real-world impact.

It can be used to ignite powerful problem-solving among a leadership team; as a panel with an audience that then breaks into discussion groups; as the basis for management training materials; or it can be integrated into other structures based on your organization’s goals.

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