Your mission: First, to make people think.  About art.  Music. History. Science. Education.  Citizenship.  About your community.  About helping others.  Then, to make people care.  And, finally, to make people act.

While complaints of apathy are eternal, evidence from both ends of the political spectrum  demonstrate more than a willingness to join together in old-fashioned organization and action.  They demonstrate a hunger for it.  A hunger to think about the future of one’s country and community, and commit to a larger cause.  And the difficult times we face, far from inciting a massive withdrawal from the public space, has made this desire even stronger.

Don’t let people’s hunger to be part of something greater than themselves be fed only with political demagoguery.  Bring your institution into a true conversation with your community, with events that engage, enlighten, and inspire participation and commitment.

  • Begin by combining your institution’s knowledge and passion with the power of story to create an event that brings your issues to life for a new audience.
  • But don’t stop there — make your audience members active participants in the conversation through small group breakouts in which each attendee must decide “What would I do — what will I do?” about the scenarios they have just witnessed.
  • Follow through with materials for classrooms or other community groups to continue the conversation.

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