Florida: Choose the Future

Live in Florida? Then you need to watch Florida: Choosing the Future, premiering on Florida PBS stations tonight.  (See the whole broadcast schedule here.)  I wrote and produced this show for three awesome organizations: the Fred Friendly Seminars, the Florida Humanities Council, and the Askew Institute.  The assignment was daunting: Produce an intelligent and engaging discussion on the choices the state faces for its economic future.  But thanks to a great moderator and amazing participants, we did it — creating a program where people across the political spectrum talk honestly about what has to happen to bring great jobs and economic prosperity to your state, your county, your neighborhood.  And they have fun doing it.  Really.

Don’t think this is your cup of tea?  Have a Rays game to watch instead?  Do this: DVR it, and once the discussion starts, give it five minutes.  If you’re not pulled into this great conversation by then, you have my permission to turn it off.

Don’t live in Florida, but interested in having a conversation like this in your community?  Contact me and I’ll see what I can do about getting you a DVD of the program.

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